ABB Cylon Bulletin 0494 FUD Certificate Update

The SSL Cert shipped with CXproᴴᴰ versions 1.06.00 and 1.06.01 has expired, disabling Full Upload and Download (FUD) functionality. This bulletin describes how to restore that functionality.

Cylon Bulletin 0467 CXproᴴᴰ v1.04.00

Constant parameters can now be downloaded in certain modules without the need to cycle the controller outputs, and the LiveLog dialog has been made more intuitive to use.


An issue has been identified with CXproᴴᴰ v1.03.01 when changing router type from a single port (CBR, CBXi, FBVi) to a dual port (CBR/MOD, CBR/MODex, Dual-Port, FBXi). An update is now available that avoids this issue.