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Spotlight on Building Solutions

FusionAir Smart Sensor

The FusionAir Smart Sensor is taking industry-leading building automation to a new level, by further enhancing building efficiency, along with occupant comfort, and IAQ safety. FusionAir’s patented safe, touchless user interaction with the sensor, gives clear feedback of the air quality status in a room. FusionAir Sensor is available to ship on November 1, 2021.

Active Energy

Managing energy costs may seem challenging, but ABB Ability™ BE Sustainable with Active Energy makes it easy. A simple digital platform that fits with your building management needs and enables monitoring of energy consumption in real-time so you can take action to improve efficiency.

Mid-Size Commercial Buildings

Create healthy and productive building environments by delivering energy savings, operational savings, and sustainable solutions that make an impact in mid-sized commercial buildings and on a global scale.

Training & Technical Support 

ABB Smart Building Solutions is dedicated to developing expert Systems Integrators.

Training programs provide up-to-date technical expertise for existing and new products, processes, and technology advances. Look for both online and in-person training in 2022. 

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