ABB ASPECT Cylon Bulletin 0503 3.07.00

ASPECT software has been updated to add Full Upload and Download of controller strategies (FUD), OS Upgrade, Security Enhancements, Graphics Features, and Historical Reporting Improvements, along with general usability improvements.


ASPECT software has been updated to allow for Engineering and Deployment of projects in an internationalized environment. The implementation will be released in a phased process with new locales released as they complete ABB’s validation process.

Cylon Bulletin 0468 ASPECT 3.05

ASPECT software and firmware have been updated to allow e-signatures when changing certain values, to allow for a Timed BACnet/Unitron override and to implement ABB branding.


ASPECT software and firmware have been updated to make Schedules and Alarms easier to use, and Trendlogs configured to provide a user with more control. Also, support for Security communication standards when downloading Office365 calendars has been enhanced, and Project deployment is quicker and easier.


Summary This update addresses Template, Push Service, Scheduling, and Managed Connection issues. Background This is a maintenance update for the ASPECT v3.03.03 revision. ASPECT 3.03.04 is a maintenace release that fixes several issues including: ASP-5290 The TSC-Teletrol driver has been upgraded and enhanced for better performance. ASP-5293 TSC-Teletrol device templates are now included by default […]