11.30 ABB FBTi- NPR

Today, ABB Announces the release of FBTi-7T7-1U1R, a 16-point controller suitable for controlling Fan Coil Units, Rooftop Units, and applications. This controller supports demand ventilation application, and occupancy sensing further enhances occupant health and building energy savings. The controller can be programmed using ABB’s CXproᴴᴰ programming software.


ABB, a leader in smart buildings and energy efficiency technology is pleased to announce the launch of ABB Cylon® FBXi-X48, as part of the FBXi Series.

Announcement FusionAir Smart Sensor

ABB Building Solutions announces the release of the FusionAir Smart Sensor featuring a backlit LCD and user-friendly, icon-driven menu. Through its fully customizable, user-friendly interface, occupants can easily adjust environmental settings according to their preferences.