DS0135 ABB FusionAir Smart Sensor rev22

The ABB FusionAir Smart Sensor series provides a slim, compact, and visually appealing room control display with a high-definition capacitive touch backlit LCD display for use with ABB’s Cylon® FLXeon and CB Line BACnet® field controllers. The intelligent temperature and humidity sensor allow users to view and adjust selected parameters within the field controller to […]

CXproHD 1.06.02

Installation Files For CXproHD 1.06.02 where customer feedback suggested that it would be a significant benefit for Priority Array data to remain in the controller following a reboot.

CXproHD 1.06.01

As part of ABB’s policy of continuous improvement, FusionAir Smart Sensor capability has been enhanced. CXproᴴᴰ is updated in parallel to support the new features.

CXproHD 1.06.00

Support has been added for FBXi-X48, Full Upload and Download, and changed Modbus limits

AAM_License_Upgrade Utility_v1.7.1

The following document details the installation, usage, and procedure for upgrading your Engineering Tool licenses (NB-Pro, SoloPro, or Pro Engineering Tools), which are contained on a SafeNet Sentinel USB Superpro key.

MAN0133 CXproHD rev20

CXproᴴᴰ provides all of the tools required to design, configure, test, commission, and maintain ABB Cylon® BACnet systems automatically.