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The FLX-PS24 power supply module is designed to deliver reliable and consistent output power to the Field Level eXpansion I/O modules. Additionally, the FLX-PS24 can be used to extend the distance between the remote mounting of FLX I/O modules and Cylon’s CBXi or CBX BACnet® field controllers. The power supply module can also be used to power field devices that require DC power when connected to the CBXi and CBX controllers.
The FLX-PS24 carries inter-module communications from the CBXi to enable connection of additional FLX I/O modules, increasing the capacity of the CBXi to 96 points. It can also be used to facilitate remote locating of FLX I/O modules in a CBXi or CBX system. Each power supply module can deliver power for loads up to 20 W. The consumption of downstream FLX I/O modules and field devices can vary. The Power Consumption table can be used to calculate the consumption of the FLX I/O modules.
The power supply module facilitates flexible mounting of the CBXi or CBX and its associated FLX I/O modules either in a single row or multiple rows using the FLX-RMC Remote Module Connector.


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